Airbus Group commissioned W2P Production to produce a motion design film looking back at 100 years of technological challenges and innovations.

To tell the story of 100 years of European aeronautics, we opted for a motion film in a visual style close to the conventions normally employed by the luxury sector. It is a story punctuated by historic events and milestones, such as the first flights, the launch of the Concorde project, or the modern period with the major AIRBUS group planes: the A320, A340, A350, and of course the A380. Each decade has its own musical ambience and its own decor, illustrated with elements specific to the era in question.

Production manager
Catherine de Capèle
Line producer
Amanda Felici
Art Director
Adrien Kulig
Motion Designer
Clément Pyla
Jonathan Lagier
Sound design
Chut on vous Ecoute