AVENE has chosen W2P Production to make a clear film on the main active ingredient of all the products in its dermo-cosmetic range: Eau Thermale Avène

The film shows us how, for almost 50 years, a drop of water has been travelling through the rock of the mountains of the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park, naturally enriching itself with a unique mineral and biological heritage. It is also an opportunity to talk about the work of researchers from the Pierre Fabre Laboratories who discovered a previously unknown microflora in the Avène water: Aqua Dolomiae, which has the “gift of soothing”.

To make this film we called upon Guilhem Machenaud and his sensitivity to natural settings & his genius for capturing natural light. The special effects and 3D modeling are the work of Pierre Magnol.

Alban Taravello
Guilhem Machenaud
Tristan Barathe
Line Producer
Jennifer Fustran
Creative Director
Benoît Perochain
Raphael de Monpezat
Tristan Barathe