To respond and accompany Belle&Bio in its new brand positioning, we imagined a motion design film made of real photos to stage and animate a drawn character.

Our idea was to produce a film in the news and digital trends of the moment, to reach younger targets, very present on social networks and very attentive to the “influencers” for advice on fashion, well-being, beauty and organic products.
We wanted to tell the life story of a young woman of 30 years old, target of the brand. A connected thirty-something who likes to share her life moments. The video allows us to discover the flow of content present on her Instagram page through her activities but also the Belle&Bio products she tests for herself, her followers and her community.

Alban Taravello
Clément Pyla
Creative Director
Benoit Perochain
Line Producer
Jennifer Fustran
Agathe La Fap
Marie Dupuch
Voice Over
Emma Deshandoll
Sound Design
Mix & Mouse