The Regional Tourism Committee and the Midi-Pyrénées Region wished to pursue their regional and Major Site development policy with the production of a series of 25 films created by W2P Production.

W2P Production sought to present a more human dimension, offering a different representation of the new collection of Major Sites. Scripting by Franck Desplanques, creator and editor-in-chief of the programme “Rendez-Vous En Terre Inconnue,” provides this added value thanks to his keen eye and excellent writing. The director, Guilhem Machenaud, for his part, adds his own interpretation and emotional input to Franck’s script. This team operates around an innovative concept in which each Major Site is discussed by an ambassador.

Alban Taravello
Directrice de Production
Catherine de Capèle
Rédacteur en Chef
Franck Desplanques
Guilhem Machenaux
Directeur de la Photo
Arnaud Schulz
Chargée de Production
Angeline Gallet
Chef opérateurs
Robin Cuquel
Maxime Manenc
Morgan Jouquand
Tristan Barathe
César Abadie