After a first national campaign in 2016, the Agence TAO & l'Agence de l'Attractivité de Toulouse Métropole asked W2P Production to work on a new concept to promote the city of Toulouse in France and internationally.

The TAO agency wanted to make this new campaign in line with previous films and the concept of effervescence, but in longer formats, dedicated to tourism for the former and business tourism for the latter.

We chose to work with Morgan Jouquand, a director who likes to capture the emotion of a place, an atmosphere. Morgan has made a film in continuous movement with fluid and rhythmic transitions where perspectives are lost, the camera turns, the images scroll by. The whole based on the musical theme of the overture to Bizet’s Carmen, orchestrated by conductor Tugan Sokhiev and the Capitol National Orchestra and reworked by Chut On Vous Ecoute.

Tao Agency
Alban Taravello
Morgan Jouquand
Director Assistant
Bruce Touron
Aerial images
Charel Fabry
Jean Baptiste Bazzarini
Line Producer
Blandine Vives
Production assistant
Amanda Felici
Creative Director W2P
Benoit Perochain
Raphael de Monpezat
Kevin Favilier
Tristan Barathe
Robin Cuquel
Sound Agency
Chut On Vous Ecoute
Thanks to
Mairie de Toulouse
Bureau de tournages Toulouse
Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse
Tugan Sokhiev
Comité régional du tourisme Occitanie
Couvent des Jacobins
Hôtel d’Assézat
Marché Victor Hugo
Ma Biche sur le Toit
Le Gogo Flamingo
Compagnie la Machine
Connexion Live
Stade Toulousain
Hôtel de Montval
Helene Lesur La Manufacture