What is creativity? How is it born? What is its purpose? That's because at W2P Production, we are creative people and we wanted to know more about it.

The idea was to make this questioning about creativity a process. And this approach seemed obvious to us, during a shooting for BMW Motorrad and the meeting with two strong, creative and deeply human personalities.

From this meeting was born the desire to produce a documentary series on creative vision and artistic practice, the desire to meet “other creative people” in other fields of activity than ours (com, audiovisual, digital), because we too are creative people: so let’s share our vision and feed each other!

To deepen this approach and its artistic theme, we wish to meet other creators, those who make, those who are totally free in their artistic expression and those who have a discourse to carry.

It is with this state of mind that we are launching CRAFTS: a documentary series. Several episodes to allow us to discover artists or craftsmen. Those who work the raw material, “customize” music, make shoes by hand, tattoo artists, glassblowers, … A series to understand, learn and transmit their vision to the greatest number!

Alban Taravello
Robin Cuquel
Maxime Manenc
Creative Director
Benoît Perochain
Art Direction
Clément Pyla
Raphael De Monpezat
Raphael De Monpezat